The brief

Operating in a very niche but competitive industry, T3DMC required a clearly differentiated look & feel, whilst still following industry standards.

As the technology they use becomes increasingly sought after, T3DMC wanted to capitalise on the opportunity – pitching their business as equal to or better than the market leader, whilst offering value for money and a more personal approach associated with a ‘local business’.

A cutting edge and modern company, that need to appeal to a diverse age range, with diverse needs and their website and marketing approach needed to reflect this.

What we did

Video production

Site traffic


Sales leads


Online sales


In a specialist engineering field like ours, those with the most up to date tech will get the business – which is why it’s important that our marketing reflects this. Vision have been with us from the start, and have nurtured our digital portfolio from a very basic website, to one that works well on mobile, brings in new leads each day, and allows us to have a constant line of communication directly with our customers and target audience.

In 2019 they headed up our marketing strategy which has now excelled our sales in 2020, through a greater industry exposure and more focused product messaging. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Adam Stanley, MD, T3DMC