How we work with our strategic partner

MDX Technology; a well-respected market data technology company, were looking for a creative way to leverage its investment in making available its Symphony connectivity gateway technology to a global customer base.

Under consultation, and working to a modest budget, Vision worked with MDX Technology to commission a creative video which quickly highlighted the features and benefits of their offering.

From understanding the business objectives to storyboarding, we secured creative studio space to work with highly skilled animation and voice over specialists to create the enclosed example.

Vision understands that many technology solutions are complicated by nature and therefore need their features and benefits highlighted simply and quickly in order to attract attention from investors/ potential customers. Too much detail can often overshadow a clear message as to why your products and services make commercial sense and Vision understands the careful balance that needs to be found in such instances; our consultative approach means we work with our clients to find the right balance of information in both visual and written communications so customers feel as excited about your solutions as you do.

The Talk to us about are experience in this field, from animation to video production we are passionate about the benefits of pictures and sounds communicating a thousand words.

What we did

Web Development
Brand Development
Video Production